Digital Nomad and our lifes in Chiang Mai

You already have heard from me that we are ‘Digital Nomad’. But what are they doing or who are they actually? Also for me, I just learned to know this word first time back in 2015. My husband told me that he wants to be a digital nomad. And I asked him, ‘What are you going to be?’

Then, he explained. For me, digital nomads are folks who earn their living digital or online. Lets assume, internet is broken, all my businesses will corrupt. Hmm, I hope, that this would not happen 😉 So how do they earn money? Some digital nomads are freelancer and deliver their work from home. Some nomads blog and earn by affiliate marketing. Some nomads are doing drop shipping in Amazon by buying stuffs from China and sell the products in USA. There are so many possibilities out there. We were at an event ‘Digital Nomad Summit 2016 in Chiang Mai’. We have learned to know many people and how they build their business. It was great to be there!


Us with other 200 ppl who are either digital nomads or going to be one

So what are my husband and I doing then? Our plan is being a digital nomad who is  doing things that are scalable and will generate passive incomes.

Time Freedom + Financial Freedom + Happiness 

We have not have them yet but I think we are on the way. It could be a difficult way but we are ambitious and passionate going this path! You know already that we have a business going now ‘Simply Learn Solutions‘ on mobile application.

We decide when and where we work. When we will have vacation and when we are ill we just make an appointment as we want to. I can work from where I want to. Now I am sitting in a coffee shop in Chiang Mai, watching tourists passing by. I eat when I am hungry and in the restaurant I want to. I am already feel free!


On Valentines day we did a fun run for 5.1 km 🙂

It sounds great right? However, since I quit my job, I do not know when are weekday and weekend as we work everyday from 10 am – 8 pm. It is not much at all. So we need to increase our working hours though.

Earning money is not difficult but earn money passively is a big challenge for us. We do sell mobile apps everyday but they are just little. We are now doing other mobile apps to extends our income. We have now

We are working very hard on it but somehow we are not tired at all. It makes us proud that people can use our app for traveling. And the story below has made my day!

One customer sent us an email on Valentines day to thank us! We got sometimes such an email but this one is very special. The customer has proposed his girlfriend and he uses our app to talk to her and her family. I am very very happy!

It is maybe too early to say that I am living my dream 🙂


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