I am a pesco-vegetarian

Here I am again telling my story all about digital nomad life in Chiang Mai. Today, I want to write about my eating habits since I live in Chiang Mai.

I have become a pesco-vegetarian or a vegetarian who eat fish and seafood. Here are the reasons:

I love fish and seafood

I am in the country that this kind of food is really cheap and the food is very delicious. Why should I miss the chance eating them all the time when I can. There are different favorite dishes. These are

  • Oom Pla อ่อมปลา. This dish contains: various vegetables including dill, mushrooms, … and of course fishes. It contains a lot f herbs: garlic, galanga, lemon grass, shallots, chilies, kaffir lime and more. We cook everything in boiled water. Pictures below show fish menus.

Oom Pla

  • I love sushi and Unadon!
  • Lets go to seafood part. I normally eat them when they are grilled, BBQ. I do not have any picture so far.

I love Papaya Salad – Somtam

I can eat this dish every day honestly! Normally, I eat this with noodle or with sticky rice. There are different sources such as

  • Thai – sweet sour source with peanut
  • Thai with salted egg – similar to the first source but with salted egg
  • Thai with crabs – taste more saltier
  • Lao – spicy and salty
  • Lao with crabs – simply taste good especially with spondias mombin 🙂


Papaya Salad – Thai style

It is healthier than to be meat eater

There are studies showing that mortality from ischemic heart disease is lower for vegeterian/pesco-vegetarian compared to meat eaters. I do not know much about it as I do not really read a lot of how fish helps in health. But I think, it helps a lot 🙂

It makes me eat less in general – diet

I am doing kind of diet. I eat same amount of food but I am more conscious about what food I am eating. I eat more vegetables and choose to buy fresh stuffs from local food stores instead of from big super markets and I prefer organics food. I have been doing this since more than a year. I do want to lose fat part at my tummy, legs, and arm and gain more muscle in stead.

In Chiang Mai, I eat 3 times a day a hot meal but I eat a lot more vegetable and fruits compared to when I lived in Germany. I eat fruit during the day when I am hungry. Two of my favorite fruit are guava and papaya.


Enjoy my life – view of Chiang Mai towards Doi Suthep