Inthakin – City Pillar Festival in Chiang Mai 2016

During 01.06.-07.06. 2016 or every year in the sixt lunar month and will last eight days, there is an Inthakin Festival/Lak Mueang Festival in Chiang Mai. What is the festival for?


Inthakin is the name of Chiang Mai city pillar located in Wat Chedi Luang. In this festival, people will bring flowers along with candles and incense then put them at the pillar and other places. Totally, there are 32 places (number of body spirits or Kwan). By doing this, the we and the city should be protected from bad things. We should place the flowers starting from right and do clockwise.


People also pour water to buddha statues. This indicate that enough rain should come. In the area, there is a stage and there are traditional Lanna dances such as Knight Dance. However, we did not watch any dances but only hear traditional sings.


In side the temple, you can donate money to 108 monk bowls, you can put golden paper to monk statues, you also can get holy thread like I got 🙂


Holy thread from Nen Noi 🙂

Around the temple, you can also find OTOP shops and shops sell something to eat (as always ;-)). We got Papaya Salad and Noodle Soup Northern style.



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