Digital Nomads in Hua Hin

Luckily I won a two return flight tickets from Chiang Mai – Hua Hin from Kan Air. It was a direct flight and took about 90 minutes. The plane can carry about 60 people. It has propeller. I am scared when I fly but the both flights were quite smooth. We got 1 hot meal, drinks, 20 kgs luggage. I was satisfied with the airline.

We flew to Hua Hin on Friday and arrived at 7 pm. Hua Hin air port is quite small so you will not get lost.

We booked a room in Hua Hin via AirBnB. It was an apartment room in a house. We stayed with other 2 people (including the host).

From the Airport to the city, you can take taxi or a public transport. There are several lines of Songtaew. The one that passes by the airport is the green Songtaew. A ride for a person is 10 baht but after 7 pm it costs 15 baht. The green Songtaew passes by the night bazaar and heads to Kao Takiap (where the “ok” beach is located).

The first night we did nothing. We just went to 711 and to a small street restaurant for an Isan food 🙂

The price of food in Hua Hin compared to Chiang Mai is quite high. I meant, in CM you pay about 30-40 baht for a street food but in Hua Hin 40 baht upwards.

Chiang Mai Hua Hin
Size 40000 km2 900 km2
Population 400k 100k
Food price of a noodle soup 30-35 baht 40-45 baht
Food price of fried rice 30-35 baht 40-45 baht
Coffee culture A lot of coffee shops, several co-working spaces Not many coffee shops that we can work in. No co-working spaces
Transportation Motorcycle Songtaew or motorcycle
Digital Nomad city ♥♥♥

We planned to release the iOS apps before this vacation as we just wanted to spend a lot of time on the beach. But you know what, many of IT projects postpone the release date so ours did, too.

We ended up working in Hua Hin the whole time. I was only 1 day at the beach.


How was our digital nomad life in Hua Hin? I would say, I was not a fan of doing this. Hua Hin does not provide the coffee culture like in Chiang Mai. The coffee shops there are quite fancy like for people to come and take pictures. It is quite difficult to find a coffee shops that you can stay and work. I could also not find any co-working spaces.

So how did we work. We spent time on 2 different Starbucks. There is one in the city very near to night bazaar and the other one is in the Market Village shopping mall.

For dinner if we decided to work at Starbucks near night bazar we had dinner at the night bazar. I would say, it has a lot of food and seafood.


So lets talk about our relax on the beach. We went to the beach about 10 am – 5 pm. I have to say that the beach is not that great like in the south of Thailand or even in the east of Thailand. Nevertheless we an swim and had some fun. And I could do my yoga on the beach.


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