Doi Ang Khang – A motorcycle trip from Chiang Mai. แว้นไปดอยอ่างขาง

Other digital nomads work and travel to different places in the same time. For us, we work and sometimes travel. We can travel when we get visitors 😀 This time we took three days off and traveled to Doi Ang Khang – north of Thailand and it is at the border to Myanmar.

We decided to go there with our 125 cc motorcycle. This was the route we took:


Chiang Mai – Doi Ang Khang

About half way we drove on the high way. The street is quite large and good.

We drove about 60 – 80 km/h. We took several stops for lunch and sight seeing. It took about 4 hours to arrive.

We went there last week – end of September which was during off season. We could book a hotel room at the Royal Project Foundation – Sathani Luang Doi Ang Khang (สถานีเกษตรหลวงอ่างขาง). We got a cheapest double room for 650 baht per night – without breakfast. However, we could enter the Royal Project site for free. The food in the restaurant is not that expensive as well. You can pay about 50-60 baht for fried chicken with basil 🙂

We visited a strawberry plantation, tea plantation and the garden within the project site. We saw how people manually plant and I was really impressed. 🙂

In the city of Ang Khang there are not many places to visit. We just went to the school and two villages. They have Chinese ancestors and the food is a bit different than you can have in Chiang Mai. In this village on the way to Thai – Myanmar border we got a noodle soup 🙂

We really enjoyed the trip and the time for not working ^_^!


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