Follow footsteps of my BELOVED KING – King Bhumibol the Great (เดินตามรอยเท้าพ่อ)

October 13, 2016 we lost the greatest king of our country. I cry, moan, feel sad, feel lost. But we need to go on, continue living and make contribution and yet follow my king’s footprint (เดินตามรอยเท้าพ่อ). The video below shows how to say condolence in Thai.

You may know he initiated/worked on many social projects for Thailand. I cannot explain all of his great projects here as I do not know them all. But I can explain the one project that I have grown up with (Sufficiency economy – เศรษฐกิจพอเพียง and new agriculture theory – เกษตรทฤษฎีใหม่).

I come from a poor but self sustainable family. This was because of my father. Since I was born my father was the head of the village (ผู้ใหญ่บ้าน) of some 400 villagers. I did not understand that much of what my father did but I saw a lot of books where our king was on the cover. The book covers stated “Sufficiency economy – เศรษฐกิจพอเพียง” or new agriculture theory – เกษตรทฤษฎีใหม่.


Example of the new Agriculture Theory

Image from

The “Sufficiency economy” for my father is or what he told me is: to be independent (try to do things on your own first before asking for help), be satisfied of what I have. And so I am now. As kids I wore only second hand school uniform.


I was maybe 7. Look at the skirt. It was extended so that it looks longer 😀

I got second hand school books. But I was never ashamed of it. It was not the thing that I worried. I think maybe because of my warm-heart family, good friends. And it was what matters for me. I smiled and laughed a lot and it continues until now!

We had three different lands for different purposes.

  1. Our house – 800 sqm with herbs garden, fish pond, duck coop, chicken coop, short time living trees – see images below 🙂
  2. Fruit garden – 1600 sqm with trees like banana, pineapple,coconuts
  3. Rice fields – 10000 sqm

We can live on our own. I will show you an example. Our regular dishes are steamed fish with steamed vegetables. Sometimes we have eggs soup as well.


steamed fish – ปลานึ่ง

Image from

  • Vegetables are grown in the house area. We grow papaya, chili, lemon, pumpkin, other herbs for cooking. We can make papaya salad with all ingredients from our garden!. And all of them are free of insecticide! They are all organic. When we have too much left after our own consumption we sell. My father normally sells banana, coconut, papaya 🙂
  • Fish are in our fish pond. It is organic as well. The fishes eat plants in the pond.
  • Next to the fish pond, there were the duck coop and chicken coop. My responsibility was to feed them every evening after school. The ducks and chicken ate vegetables like water spinach, rice brand. (we don’t have them anymore as my father is old and cannot take care them)
  • Eggs were from the chickens and ducks. We got an egg almost everyday. The chickens were raised on the ground. They found their own food. But every day when we had some cook rice left over we gave the rice to the chicken.
  • Rice. We have rice field that we rented to other people for the rice. So we do not get the money for the rent but rice!. Every year we get rice that we can live for a year. The rice is called “ข้าวหอมมะลิ” or jasmine rice.

My dad was selling fresh coconuts from our garden. Year 2006

I feel satisfied. I feel that there is nothing I miss. My parents, a dog, (chicken, ducks), fishes, Our family is never shorten of food. All about how this works is written in all the books I saw when I was kids. It is incredible that only a small land you can live on your own. For me now it may take sometimes to have money to buy land, build house but when the time comes, I will blog about it.


Our family loves our the greatest king of Thailand

My biggest dream is to do the same as my father, to be an independent, to live in a self-sustainable economy … to follow my beloved king’s theory, king Bhumibol the Great.



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