REGISTRATION OF FAMILY STATUS – ทะเบียนฐานะแห่งครอบครัว ค.ร. 22

Bureaucratie in Thailand I would say is very complicated but maybe other developed countries also have complex systems. Anyway.

Any marriages or any relationship in a familiy will be recorded in Tabian Kropkrua ทะเบียนครอบครัว in Thailand. If a Thai marries a foreigner in a foreign country we must register the family status in Thailand. So that this marriage is legal in Thailand. I do not change my last name and my title. I am still miss Kanyarat! 🙂

I married in Germany so the process is the followings:

  • Ask for international marriage certificate (Heiratsurkunde)

It was 15 Euro each and we asked for 2 of them. I will keep one and my husband will keep another one.

  • Legalize the marriage certificate at regional council (Regierungspräsidium)

This does not take a lot of time. You could get it within 1 day. I think it costs around 20 Euro per document.

  • Translate the document no. 2 in Thai

Translation is quite expensive. For marriage I have paid around 40-45 Euro per page. We have paid around 150 Euro totally. But this time, my friend has translated it for me. She is a teacher at the university of Frankfurt. Thanks to her we got the translation quickly 🙂

  • Legalize the document no.2 and no.3 at Thai consulate

It took around 1 week to get the documents. I found it a bit strange that you pay by sending your money with all the documents. I thought, maybe you could just do bank transfer.

I have done this the same day I arrived Thailand. I landed in Suvannabhumi around 5 am. At 8 am. we could leave the airport. We took the Airport link to Makkasan and the transfer to MRT to Hua Lamphong. Then, we left our luggage at the trains station. I think, it is maybe a lot more convenience to take taxi directly. But I am scared of taking taxis as they drive quite fast.

We arrived the place around 10 am and we have to wait for 4 hours to get the documents. We have paid 800 bath for 2 pages as we asked for express process. Actually, we could also do a normal service and let the documents be sent to our home for a cheaper price. But at that time, we had a bit jet lag.

  • Registration of family status in Thailand

We went to the district office in Chiang Mai although I am registered in Buri Ram. I took all the documents + my copy of house registration + my ID card and my husband passport to the office and get the Registration of family status done for about 1 hour for 70 baht.


My husband needs this document for apply for a non-migration type o visa that will last for 1 year.

The whole process took us some time as we did everything our own. If you want to save time but not money there are agencies to do this for you.  🙂