Biz Talk of Simply Learn Languages in Chiang Mai

Last Wednesday we were invited to give a talk about our business. The talk was held in a coffee shop in Chiang Mai. We invited our friends to come and about 10 people (including us) joined our talk 🙂

The event was organized by our friend Greg. He has been living as a digital nomad more than 3 years and currently lives in Chiang Mai. My husband knew him from this video!

Every Monday we have a master mind talk. And maybe he sees our business has potential 🙂

The first half of the event began with how to do “Video Business”. It was really interesting for me as well as I also have my own YouTube channel. My videos are not professional but I did all my best 🙂

Then the second half of the event it came our talk. I started talking about our story and how do we work together. Then, my husband talked about 5 lesson learned. This is the video.

In the video I looked somehow curios and sometimes confused about my husband’s talk 😀 😀 😀

If you are interested to the T-Shirt. This is the link to buy it 🙂