Our cheapest daily expense

Today, I would like to share what we are doing everyday and how much we spend. This example shows the day that we have smallest expenses. Normally, we have more…


Every morning, my husband goes to swim (I sometimes go jogging) at the 700 years park. On the way back he buys 2 take-away dishes at one shop that always has a long queue. The cooker provides 6 different dishes each in a big pot. At home, I cook brown rice.

After breakfast, we go to work with our motorcycle. We live the digital normad life so we only need the followings:

  • High speed internet
  • Comfortable place to sit for a long time

What we doing in the first few weeks is, we have been searching for our perfect working space. We have been in some coffee shops, working spaces, libraries. These are some pics

These are my favorite coffee shops on Nimman road so far. The left pic is Pai Yan Yai coffee shop. I like there as they do not use air condition and the tables and chairs are really comfortable. They have many menus for drink and eat. But the internet is very slow, unfortunately…

The right pic is nine one coffee shop. I like there as the price is quite cheap. They use organic coffee and I love their dry banana!

When we work there, of course, we have to buy drinks. So as our income is a little, we have to come to these places in the future but not now.

My favorite working place is the Chiang Mai Main Library! It costs nothing and it has everything you need. As you know, that the best position of working is, your arm should be 90 degree to the keyboard, your eyes should look ahead not down or up. So, I have found my best working place. The opening hour is fine for us as we finish work around 8 p.m.


This is me writing on this post ^_^


For lunch, we go to the canteen. There are several canteen and we want to visit many. The food is good and also the price.


Around 8 p.m. we leave the library (or I finish my work-out), we go to the market in front of the university. This market is called ‘Gad Naa Mo’. There are many shops for cloths, drinks, and eat. After that, we always go to another market called ‘Talad Boriboon’ to buy soy milk. I love soy milk and I like to drink it everyday if I can!

Now we come to the calculation

Morning: 2 dishes a 10 baht = 20 baht

Afternoon: 2 dishes a 35 baht + snacks 30 baht = 90 baht

Dinner: 2 dishes a 35 baht + 2 soy milk a 10 baht = 90 baht

So we spend 200 baht (around 5 Euros) and we are very happy. We have food to eat for living and they are delicious and healthy.

We also spend for other stuff e.g. going to Thai massage (I will write about it next time), expensive dinner e.g. grilled fish for 120 baht.

If we spend money like this example, we could save around 20 Euros per day!