Digital Nomad as a couple – does it work? Part 1.

Recently, I joined a Facebook group – Digital Nomad – Couples around the world. There are many couples working and travelling around the world. Some couples are like us: the boyfriend/husband is developer and girlfriend/wife is doing other things.

I posted this to the group to introduce ourselves:


I feel really good that other couples choose similar way of living. So far I would say I love what we are now 🙂 I would like to summarize why I think, it works for us.

Attitude of living and working

I think this is the most important part. If I would imagine thinking differently from my husband about the way of living, I would feel uncomfortable and could not give 100% for anything. I would just do things or live the way he wants.

Luckily, our ultimate goal of living is the same which is FREEDOM.

Freedom in terms of

  • financial – we want to have enough passive income to have financial freedom. Assuming if I still work for cooperate: I would need to save 1 million and get 5% interest. Then I will able to live without working anymore. If I could save 30k Euro a year and 5% more every year, it would take me about 20 years. The bonus of promotion is substituted with the inflation.  It is sad if I think I have to work until I am 50 years old.
  • workplace – we decide where we can live. As we love travelling, learning new languages, new cultures, we would like to live in different places in the world.


  • job – we decide what business we have. We know that we do not have the so called “employee mindset”. After working for more than 3 years in two companies, I know that I would love to do my own business.

To see how my ideas are realized is my happiness.


Quit job

For 2 a half years I worked as IT-consultant in Germany. I loved it very much although there were long hours of work ~60 hours per week.  I loved what I did and I never regret that I went to work for corporate. Why?

Because I learned a lot. All what I have done during work, I can use for my own business.I would not be able to define and optimize our business processes at all!

Having the mindset

However, it was not hard for me to make the decision to leave the job. It is pretty easy actually. You have your ultimate goal and you just compare what you are doing now. You will see if what you are doing will lead to that goal. See?

Corporate job will never bring me to my goal of life. The only way to reach it is quit what I am doing and have my own business.


What if it fails?

It will fail I am sure. But I will not give up. Simon reads so many biographies of successful people. They have failed before. Why am I afraid of failing. I am more afraid of not having freedom.

Be prepared

We did not just quit the jobs, come to Chiang Mai, find business that suits us. We had a business before we quit and we thought the business was going to have a bright future.

During the time we work we had a side project. It once was our hobby. It generated little income so that we thought we could SCALE it.

We worked hard for the business we have now. We were there when we got bad reviews and someone told us that our products are not useful. BUT there are other people around the world who love our products. This makes us moving forward…

Take the first step

I wrote about how we prepared to come to Chiang Mai in my very first blog post. Preparation for Digital Nomad in Chiang Mai

I hope, you enjoy reading this. Let’s talk about part 2 next week!