Who am I?

I just want to say something about myself and the reasons why I started to write this blog.

I am a Thai girl who has spent almost half of her life in foreign countries. After I finished my school, I went to Germany to study and work. After my master degree, I was working for a big consultancy company as an IT-consultant and had a comfortable life style. I could save money every month and got 28 days holidays per year. I have been at least in 2 different countries per year. I had  a public health insurance that covers all costs in case of illness. I lived in my beloved 2 rooms apartment in Frankfurt together with my boyfriend (now my husband). Everything seemed to be ok but…

I felt, that I miss something. Something, that I am always searching for. It is freedom. I love travel and I want to see many countries, various types of people, cultures, and diverse food 🙂 I want to explore locals by living with them and not just watching them as a tourist.

Moreover, I want to have a control of my work. As a consultant, I have traveled every week to different customer sites. Sunday evening I had to prepare my luggage as my life of the next 4 days will depend on it. Monday early morning sometimes at 4 a.m. I had to get up to get finished and then to catch the train. Thursday evening, again I sat on the train on the way back home. If I had been home early, I went to gym and do some sport. I love sport but I am limited to do it. I want to change it.

Also, I want to have financial freedom. One day, I want to live without worrying about money. I can do things, that I want to do. And if you to earn different amount of money, do thing differently.

First business – learn Thai Android app

Long time ago, when we were studying, we have been to other countries to do an exchange semester.Both of us love to learn languages. We have downloaded several language apps and found out, that they are not the one that suits us. So, we decided to develop our own language app. We both studied Information Systems and are Java developers. At that time, there were no Duolingo or Babbel. We started and only started. The project has been left alone.

As I always passionate to teaching Thai, two years later, I brought the project back to life again. I must admit that it was really hard. When you work almost 60 hours per week and on the weekend you have to work for your own. But somehow, it makes me proud of myself. Five months later, the App ‘Simply Learn Thai‘ was live in Google Play Store. It was not that beautiful. Later on, we have thought about how to earn money out of it. Four months later, the app has a pro version and since then we have earned some money out of it. It was not much but it makes us confident that if we want to achieve something, we can do it.

Almost one year later when we have started the app, we both quit our job and now here we are ‘living on our own terms’ in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I am an Expat in my own country! I kind of love it 🙂

To be continued…