Nana Jungle – a place to visit on Saturday in Chiang Mai

Since January we have been living in Chiang Mai. Last Saturday after we went swiming, we went to a market – Nana Jungle. This market has been recommended by my friend who is local in Chiang Mai. He said they sell bread (real bread) and many visitors are foreigners. I thought, it is like a normal market and I should give it a try to go there.

This is the place. It is a bit far from the city center but pretty near where we live. After we swam at 700 years old park, we arrived at the place within 5 minutes by motorcycle. There was no sign or anything saying how to go there. So we just followed Google Maps. Near the market there is a temple. At first, we went there and had to turn back. There were two Thai men who told us where the Nana Jungle is.

It looks like a small market but when you go inside, there are many shops. And what I like very much is they sell organic stuff 🙂 And what my husband likes most is, he can buy cheap but high quality bread.

There is an interesting shop. I think they are a family selling blended juice. The mother is preparing the juice and the father is blending. He blends with a bicycle! How? The blending machine is attached to the bike wheels. So they do not need electricity and the juice is very delicious! I bought avocado with honey juice 🙂

Let’s look around!


Nana-Jungle is definitely a must visit market for expats in Chiang Mai. See you next Saturday!