Project Management for digital nomads or apppreneur (

In the end of August I wrote this post  about how do I accelerate our business. I summarized three points:

  1.  Process oriented
  2. Automation
  3. Outsourcing

In the beginning we outsourced Task-based work like audio editing, marketing, etc. but now we do Role-based outsourcing. That means our helper has role and can control what task will be done first or later. These are the roles we have now:

  • Product Management – get all resources that are needed to launch the aps
  • App Release for iOS, Android – launching Apps and releasing apps, manage store listing, ASO
  • Account Management – manage all accounts that are used within the app
  • Marketing
  • Development

Since our team is expanding we could not work with Excel sheet/Google Spreadsheet anymore. We also discussed about stuffs using Facebook messenger. Sometimes it was confusing, about what tasks was the message for. It was confusing!!

user story

We heard about and we tried it. I must say , Trello is super easy to use and help us manage the project/resource very effectively!


User Story Board

Since we were IT consultants before and we worked with different IT-project, we use SCRUM as our project methodology. We use

  • User Story (feature, task, work in small chunk)
  • Sprint Development Cycle (we decided to have 6 weeks sprint)
  • Sprint Review
  • Sprint Retrospective

In this post I will talk about how User Story help us collaborating and communicating 🙂

We have five user story statuses and use the statuses as a list: new, in progress, waiting for review, in review, completed. Please see the flow in the picture below.

  1. All new user stories will be put into the first list – new.
  2. Any team member who works on any user story will move the user story card into the next list – in progress. Also, the member will assign the card to their name and be the owner of the card. Most of the time I assign them but in the future, I hope, it will change!
  3. When the team member finished his task, he will move the card to the next list – waiting for review.
  4. I will work from this list on. I review the work and make sure everything is correct. During the review process I move the card to the next list – in review.
  5. a) If something isn’t correct I will move the card back to the list – in progress. Also here, I will mention the card owner what things need to be changed. This is perfect as we just can read the card name, description, comments history, we know exactly what is it about!
  6. b) If everything is alright, I will move the card to the next list – completed


This works smoothly for us. We never had to go back to Facebook messenger to scroll back on all conversation. Everything is mentioned in As well as we get email notification on all mentions, comments, on the cards I own. 🙂 Also the best thing is the tool is FREE. I have to thank the owner of Trello and every one who is making this tool. I just love it!