Waste Separation in Thailand

Since I lived in Germany about 10 years, I learned a lot of things regarding German culture. I remembered the first day I arrived in Germany I saw different litter bins: Green, Yellow, Brown, Black.


You have to throw your trash into the right bin. If you throw your trash into the wrong bins, it can bother your neighbors! There are bins for bottles as well. You have to separate Green and Brown bottles. I don’t know why. Also, there is a time range (normally daytime and weekday). I think, it is because when you throw the bottles it will make a loud noise. This can annoy people who have houses near these bins.

When I relocated to Chiang Mai, Thailand I found out that we do not separate waste. We just have a shared bin with other 3 houses. Once a week, the garbage truck will come and empty the bin. Nevertheless, I separate paper and plastic bottles.

The time passed by and I went to the “Lanna Expo” and saw that there are different communities who encourage to separate trash. There is a campaign called “ขยะแลกไข่” (exchange trash for eggs). You can go to the “Trash Bank” and give e.g. old battery or light bulbs. Then you will get eggs. Unfortunately, not all communities have this campaign 😦

Most of the time we work at the university. And one day, there was a brochure saying that you can separate trash in the university. So, when I want to throw my trash, I have to go to the university. Hmm. That is a long way.

So I googled and found out that in every “PTT” gas station, there are separation bins for the campaign “แยกแลกยิ้ม“(Garbage separation for a smile) . That sounded great for me. The station is not that far and I can bring my trash 24 hours and 7 days a week.