Project Management for Digital Nomad/ Appreneur II

In the last post I talked about that we use Scrum to manage our project. And we use to collaborate and communicate in our small team. Everyone knows what he/she has to work on and can see all the comments history of that task.


Our Scrum

In this post I want to talk about other things of Scrum : Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospective. Most of the team members work remotely but since we live in Chiang Mai we can meet. We met for the meetings and we tried to go for dinner together afterwards. I want the meeting to be held informal, with friendly atmosphere.

Last meeting we went to Penguin Ghetto coffee shop. Up stair you have a small meeting room and a white board. We prepare the followings:

  1. what we have achieved so far and how the team members helped us achieved
  2. Post-its for retrospective meeting
  3. Papers and pens.

The meeting agenda was

  1. Introduction
  2. Sprint n Review
  3. Sprint n Retrospective
  4. Sprint n+1 Goal settings

For agenda no. 3 everyone got a post-it and a pen. Team members write down what they think it was good in the last Sprint and what can we improve for the next Sprint. The moderator can write down what is the action point towards what can be improved. And this is how it looks like:


Sprint Retrospective

We knew more about our team members and we will improve ourselves! Then, we have a last agenda about the Goal Settings of the next Sprint. We planned together will the team members and I really like it. 🙂


Us and the Goal Settings for the next Sprint




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