Pai in love

About 150 km northern from Chiang Mai is a city called Pai ปาย. A small city with a lot of tourists, coffee shops, hostels, yoga classes, cooking classes, boxing classes. Almost everything you can do there!

A friend of us has visited us and we traveled to Pai together. There are several ways to go to Pai: motorcycle (AYA service), van (, bus etc. We took a van as it only takes 3 hours to get there.

When we arrived at Pai, the first thing we did was to find an accommodation. It was an off season so we did not book a room before wards. Although, it was an off season, there were a lot of tourists (Chinese and Western)! We stayed at a bungalow with fan near the river and paid for 100 baht/person/night. The first night we visited places in Pai such as the famous walking street, a bar, a fresh market.


Our bungalow and rented car

Tham Lod Cave

A next day we went to ‘Tham Lod Cave‘ by a car that  my friend rented. The cave is about 1 km long and a river goes through the cave. You can go through by using a bamboo raft. We need to take a guide and bamboo raft driver. There was no electricity so the guide uses oil lantern. There were 3 stops to have a look at 3 areas. There were paintings, graves, animals in the caves. And there are a lot of bats and fishes.

Tan Jed Ton 

It was so hot that Thais go to the river and swim there. This place has a lot of small huts, that people can sit and order food and drinks. It was very relaxing.

Pai Canyon

We stayed 2 nights in Pai and on the way back to Chiang Mai we stopped at some places. I was not encouraged to visit the Pai Canyon. I thought, what can it be? But… the place is pretty cool. It has different long paths that you have to climb up/down. I has a beautiful view. Unfortunately it was so hot so I could not really enjoy it. But the paths and the views are really impressive.

World War II Memorial Bridge

This is a bridge over Pai river. We stopped there for a moment to take some pictures and then we left.

Hot spring spa resort. 

We went to a hot spring as it was so hot 😀 This resort also has a swimming pool so we swam and went to the hot spring. Again we relaxed here for several hours.

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The way back to Chiang Mai from Pai has a lot of curves but the roads are in a good condition. We arrived safely!